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The 11 Best Local Boutiques to Visit in Jupiter and Tequesta, FL

05/10/24  |  McKinley Navaroli

Exploring Coastal Chic: Local Boutiques in Jupiter and Tequesta.

In the charming towns of Jupiter and Tequesta, FL, nestled along the southeastern coast of the Sunshine State, lies a plethora of local boutiques waiting to be discovered. From trendy clothing stores to unique home decor shops, the shopping scene in these quaint communities offers something for everyone. Whether you're a resident or just passing through, exploring these eleven best boutiques is a must for anyone with a penchant for style and a love for supporting local businesses.

Sea Lustre

Sea Lustre epitomizes coastal chic with its curated stylish beachwear and accessories collection. Located in the heart of Jupiter, this boutique offers everything from flowy sundresses to breezy cover-ups, perfect for soaking up the Florida sun in style. With an emphasis on quality fabrics and timeless designs, Sea Lustre is a go-to destination for laid-back luxury.

Coton Frais

Coton Frais is the place to be for those searching for effortless elegance. This Tequesta-based boutique specializes in European-inspired clothing made from luxurious natural fibers. From tailored linen shirts to cozy cashmere sweaters, each piece at Coton Frais exudes sophistication and comfort. Whether you're dressing for a casual day out or a special evening event, you'll find the perfect ensemble here.

Lola Chiq Boutique

Lola Chiq Boutique brings a touch of bohemian flair to Jupiter's fashion scene. This eclectic shop offers a diverse selection of clothing and accessories that cater to free spirits and fashionistas alike. From funky prints to statement jewelry, Lola Chiq Boutique encourages customers to embrace their individuality and express themselves through their style.

Blessed Boutique

Step into Blessed Boutique and prepare to be inspired by its uplifting atmosphere and thoughtfully curated collection. This Tequesta gem offers a mix of trendy apparel, meaningful accessories, and inspirational home decor. With its mission to spread positivity and empower women, Blessed Boutique is more than just a place to shop—it's a community dedicated to spreading love and gratitude.

Tide and Table

Elevate your living space with the coastal-inspired decor from Tide and Table. Located in Jupiter, this boutique specializes in home furnishings and accents that capture the essence of seaside living. From nautical-themed throw pillows to handcrafted driftwood sculptures, Tide and Table offers a range of products that infuse your home with warmth and charm.

Bungalow Boutique

Nestled in the heart of Tequesta, Bungalow Boutique is a treasure trove of unique finds for the home and wardrobe. From vintage-inspired furniture to artisanal jewelry, this charming shop has something for every taste and aesthetic. Whether searching for a one-of-a-kind statement piece or a thoughtful gift, Bungalow Boutique will surely delight you.

Envy of Palm Beach

Envy of Palm Beach is a must-visit destination in Jupiter for the fashion-forward shopper. This upscale boutique offers a curated selection of designer clothing, shoes, and accessories for men and women. With its focus on luxury and sophistication, Envy of Palm Beach caters to discerning clientele seeking the latest trends and timeless classics.

Best Beach Boutique

Embrace the laid-back coastal lifestyle with a visit to Best Beach Boutique in Tequesta. This casual-chic shop offers a range of beach essentials, including swimwear, cover-ups, and accessories. Whether planning a day at the beach or lounging poolside, Best Beach Boutique has everything you need to make a splash in style.

Coco and Capri

Although currently in the anticipation stage, Coco and Capri is set to become a must-visit destination in Jupiter upon its opening. This upcoming boutique promises to deliver a curated selection of contemporary clothing and accessories for the modern woman. With its dedication to quality and style, Coco and Capri is poised to become a favorite among fashion enthusiasts.

Coastal Cabana

Located in the heart of Jupiter, Coastal Cabana is a haven for those seeking coastal-inspired home decor and gifts. From handcrafted driftwood art to beachy ceramics, this boutique captures the essence of seaside living with its carefully curated collection. Whether decorating your beach house or simply adding a touch of coastal charm to your home, Coastal Cabana has something for every coastal enthusiast.

Seaside Style

Seaside Style in Tequesta offers a unique blend of casual coastal fashion and home decor. With its laid-back vibe and effortless style, this boutique is a favorite among locals and visitors. From breezy sundresses to beach-inspired home accents, Seaside Style celebrates the relaxed elegance of coastal living. Whether shopping for yourself or searching for the perfect souvenir, Seaside Style has you covered.

Explore Retail in Jupiter and Tequesta

From trendy fashion boutiques to charming home decor shops, Jupiter and Tequesta offer diverse local boutiques waiting to be explored. Whether shopping for yourself or searching for the perfect gift, these eleven best boutiques will surely delight you with their unique offerings and warm hospitality.

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