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A Cheatsheet for Buying & Selling Your Home with Less Stress

06/20/23  |  McKinley Navaroli

Working with a real estate professional is integral to managing two seamless transactions.

Tequesta, Florida, is a waterfront community in Palm Beach County along the Loxahatchee River. The community features spacious parks, waterfront homes, and the Tequesta Country Club with a premier golf course and other luxury amenities. The community is close to Jupiter and attractions like the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum and the Nature Conservancy at Blowing Rocks Preserve.

Buying or selling a home individually can be a complex process, but when considering buying and selling a home simultaneously, it can be overwhelming. However, it is a common scenario that many homeowners find themselves in due to relocation, changing jobs, or lifestyle needs. It may seem stressful, but with help from a detailed and organized real estate agent, you can successfully buy a new home while selling your current property.

Think about your ideal timeline

A critical factor in making your buying and selling transactions align is the timing. While some conditions may be out of your control, there are many ways to make two sales seamless. Start by thinking through your personal time and any hard dates you have for your move. For instance, if your family is growing and you need a larger home, you will want to plan a timeline around your circumstances. Setbacks can be common in real estate, so preparing your Tequesta home for sale as soon as possible is best. With a timeline for your sale and purchase, you can schedule important tasks like a home appraisal or inspection, attend open houses, and make moving arrangements for your belongings.

Get your home ready for sale

Many homes need updating before they can go on the market. Any unsightly blemishes or old features can stand out to buyers and impact your sale price and how long your home stays on the market. The best way to prepare for a transaction is to find out all the information upfront and begin improvements for listing.

Appraisal and pre-listing inspection

While a home appraisal and pre-listing inspection are not necessary for your home, it is recommended to avoid any surprises during negotiations. An appraisal assesses the value of your home based on its condition, location, and local real estate market trends. It can help you decide on home improvements to add value and set an appropriate list price based on the current market.

A pre-listing inspection assesses the condition of your home and its basic functions, such as the plumbing, roof, and electrical work. Inspectors will also look for structural issues, damages, and other dangerous elements. A pre-listing inspection can ensure a smooth negotiation process and quick sale, as it impacts buyer confidence in your property. With an appraisal and inspection, you can make informed decisions about any renovations or upgrades your home may need to sell for your target price.


Not all renovations are necessary to help your home sell, but there are home improvements that can add value and increase desirability among target buyers. For instance, if your kitchen is modern, you may only need new appliances to take it to the next level, but a home with walls separating all the living areas may benefit significantly from an open layout. Choosing which projects can bring a return on investment is critical when preparing your home for sale.


As you prepare to move and buy a new home, it can help you get ahead by emptying your home and moving belongings into storage. With an empty home, you can add refined furniture and décor to make your home look elegant and upscale. Staged homes help buyers connect with the space and see the potential for their own lifestyle.

Get ready to buy a new home

As you manage your current home’s projects and get them ready for listing, you should also prepare your finances for your new home purchase.

Organize your finances

It is helpful to work with a mortgage lender to determine your financing options. Many buyers with an existing home choose to use the sale to pay off the mortgage and use additional profit toward a new home. In this case, you still need to plan for a down payment unless your existing home sells and closes before purchasing your new home. Other financing options can include a home equity line of credit and a bridge loan. Working with a lender can help you learn about your options and loan eligibility.

Set the criteria for your new home

You can also prepare your expectations and criteria for your new homes. Purchasing a new home is an opportunity to find amenities and features your existing home lacked to better support your lifestyle and daily routine. For example, if your current home only has two bedrooms, but you want to grow your family, you may consider a three- or four-bedroom property as a must-have criterion.

Find an expert realtor to handle all your buying and selling needs

On your own, buying and selling at the same time would take a lot of time and effort, likely causing significant stress. Working with a local realtor like McKinley Navaroli can eliminate the stress of managing two transactions, as they can handle most of the buying and selling tasks. Part of what makes buying and selling simultaneously so stressful is remembering all the necessary functions to succeed. With a detailed agent, they can walk you step by step to ensure a seamless experience. From preparing your home to searching for new homes and handling all the negotiations and paperwork, your agent can help you meet your goals.

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McKinley Navaroli
is a Tequesta, FL, real estate agent passionate about the community and its locals. McKinley has more than a decade of regional real estate experience and focuses on negotiations to help clients achieve their goals. With up-to-date market research, innovative technology, and creative strategies, McKinley can manage all your real estate needs, helping you buy and sell your home with less stress.